Highlights Utrecht

As true Utrechters we know our city very well

Experience Utrecht like no other! We’re more than happy sharing our local information with you. Ask us where to go shopping, which restaurants to go to (and which not) or how you can get to the top of the highest church tower in the Netherlands, the Dom Tower. Enjoy the unrivalled view of this beautiful city from there.
We’d like to ensure you make the most of your stay in Utrecht, and experience all that this city full of charm has to offer. Wander around the streets and explore those special places. You are sure to be impressed by how beautiful and photogenic this incredible city is. Below you’ll find an overview of our favourite places in Utrecht.


Restaurant Maeve is a casual fine-dining restaurant in Utrecht. Sustainable, local, fresh and refined.

At Maeve you can enjoy a gastronomic total experience in a stylish ambience. The open kitchen is central to the restaurant. Experience the rhythm of the kitchen and discover the flavours.

The young, driven brigade is ready to give you a fantastic culinary afternoon or evening. Be pampered and enjoy. Maeve is open for lunch (Fri-Sun) and dinner (Wed-Sun).

Kromme Nieuwegracht 18, Utrecht

+31 (0) 30 200 6767


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San Siro

San Siro is a saint from Milan's rich history. A saint who was good to his environment. The restaurant wants to be that too. They are inspired by Italy; The dishes, but also the being together and the hospitality of the country they admire with the greatest passion. With an enthusiasm for Italian cuisine, they carry their own culinary views and share them with you. 


Oudkerkhof 9, Utrecht

+31 (0) 30 232 1683

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Hemel & Aarde

Under the influence of the sun, moon and stars, nature always has something new to offer. No day is the same and that is the great source of inspiration for chef de cuisine Rene van der Weijden. Come taste it and a world will open for you.

You will find restaurant Hemel & Aarde in the former Polman's House, under the same roof as Hotel The Nox. Normally they are open for dinner from Wednesday to Saturday. In addition, you can enjoy an extensive breakfast throughout the week.


Keistraat 8, Utrecht

+31 (0) 30 880 4500

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Bistro Madeleine

Madelaine, a French bistro with a modern twist.  The menus of Madeleine Bar & Bistro are composed with care by chef Rik de Jonge. They serve you classic French bistro dishes with a contemporary twist. In the kitchen of Madelaine only fresh seasonal products are used, so the menu can change every day.


3-A, Wed

+31 (0) 30 231 0100

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Karel V

Settle down in the lavish medieval dining room or on the terrace overlooking the fountain and experience modern flavour combinations. Suitable for a stylish business dinner, a special family dinner or a romantic dinner for two. 

"Understated and pure, limited ingredients but with products of outstanding quality from small producers. The dishes are complex in their simplicity. It's nice when people remember my dishes. You don't need a big ingredient list for that. The technique, the emotion and the pleasure of working are going to make Restaurant Karel V a top place for everyone who cares about Utrecht and good food." Chef de cuisine - Leon Mazairac

Geertebolwerk 1,Utrecht

+31 (0) 30 23375 55

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Restaurant Wilhelminapark

Restaurant Wilhelminapark is a place in the middle of a unique piece of nature. A distinctive location with a beautiful story. A place where people meet and enjoy good food and drinks. A city park always has a connecting role, for young and old. With their restaurant, they make that connection even more beautiful. And tastier. The kitchen prepares fresh seasonal products into surprising dishes with love and attention. They've been around since 1926, so they've been serving you for a while. In the morning, afternoon or evening, they make sure you can fully enjoy.


Wilhelminapark 65, Utrecht

+31 (0) 30 251 0693

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On the Oude Gracht, with the Dom tower looking out on their patio, you'll find Ted's in a historic building overlooking the beautiful waterfront terrace. Ted's also offers delicious takeout options or delivery to your frontdoor through their partners.

Get ready for waffle fries & cocktails in the morning or fruity yogurt or Banana Pancakes at 4pm. At Teds, anything goes. They serve their entire menu all day, every day. Take a look at the menu and the brunch dishes you'll be tempted by. Let's have brunch!


Lichte Gaard 8, Utrecht

+31 (0) 30 743 7599

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Grand café Lebowski en Badabing

Grand café Lebowski and Badabing, those cozy neighbors at the foot of Utrecht's pride, the Dom tower. A cozy international setting of drinks and food. Inside you will be surprised by the weirdest attributes. From stuffed animals behind the bar to a life-size giraffe in the middle of the restaurant. Dare to try "The Big Lebowski", an American burger that will blow your mind. 

As they say: "It's not just a bar, it's a way of life".

Domplein 17, Utrecht

+31 (0) 30 231 5217

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Bar Cava

Bar Cava is open seven days a week for Tapas & Wine. From 3 pm till late you can order a good bottle of cava or wine and fill your table with all kinds of Spanish delicacies. The well-filled plateaus can be ordered from 2 people upwards. The tapas will be served as soon as they are ready.

7 days a week they are open for drinks and dinner and on weekends also for lunch.

Ganzenmarkt 12, Utrecht

+31 (0) 30 268 9881

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De Zaak

Café de Zaak is located in the heart of Utrecht, the terrace catches both the sun and the people. Inside it is a cozy, modern brown cafe and every day is different! 

At de Zaak you can bring your own food, a consumption is required.


Korte Minrebroederstraat 9, Utrecht

+31(0) 30 231 5310


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Café Elize

Café Elize is located at the Mariaplaats, one of Utrechts beautiful squares. At Elize you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and drinks throughout the day. In the summer on the terrace in the sun and in the winter under the cover of the terrace, with a heater, under a blanket. Quality is of paramount importance to Elize. The cakes are homemade, the wines local and the smiles sincere. Highly recommended.

Mariaplaats 44

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Ledig Erf

At the end of Twijnstraat, one of the nicest shopping streets in Utrecht, you will find Ledig Erf. Home of café Ledig Erf, café de Poort, the Louis Hartlooper Complex and the Brothers in Law Taphouse. A beautiful square where you can find a seat in the sun at any time of the day.

Rum Club

Imagine yourself on a tropical island. Colorful, cozy and tasty. The Rum Club has it all. From exotic snacks to the most surprising cocktails. A real Tiki bar in the center of Utrecht on the Oudegracht.


Oudegracht aan de Werf 111

+31 6 86400621

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The center of the universe. Everything revolves around the Dom Square, with its Dom Tower, Dom Church and nice terraces. And all that just a stone's throw from the hotel. Conquer the 365 steps of the Dom Tower and look out over the entire city from a height of 112 meters and a bit. Or descend into the fascinating history of the Dom Square, the origin and birthplace of Utrecht, during the ‘DOMunder discovery tour’. After an introduction to the medieval cellars of Domplein 4, you will use a smart flashlight in the 5-metre-deep excavation to find exciting stories and archaeological remains.

From the Romans and the glorious Middle Ages to reliving the storm of 1674, DOMunder takes you underground through the eventful history of 2000 years of Utrecht.

The discovery tour of DOMunder takes about 75 minutes. Children are advised to start at age 10. The start and counter of DOMunder is in the Utrecht store / VVV at Domplein 9.


Walk along the Utrecht canals. The Oude Gracht with its wharfs, restaurants and stores. And the Nieuwe Gracht which runs through the old city center past beautiful buildings. Both end in the Utrecht canal which is completely round again since 2020.

Centraal museum

Centraal Museum

In the garden of the museum, where on a sunny day you can enjoy a snack and a drink on the cozy terrace, you are in the cultural heart of the Netherlands. From this place in Utrecht you can admire the contours of the oldest urban museum in the Netherlands. The Centraal Museum has been in existence since 1838, making it the oldest municipal museum in the Netherlands. The museum manages a diverse collection of art, urban history, fashion and applied arts, largely owned by the municipality of Utrecht. From Rietveld to the Utrecht Caravaggisti, from Dick Bruna to Moesman and from Viktor & Rolf to the centuries-old Utrecht ship. Housed in a former medieval monastery, the museum consists of a collection of buildings and a beautiful large courtyard garden. It is a wonderful place to wander through the many corridors and staircases, and where you can be surprised by the various exhibitions.


Agnietenstraat 1

030 236 2353

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Rietveld Schroderhuis

Designed in 1924. Inhabited until 1985. Architectural highlight of De Stijl and iconic in the city of Utrecht. In 1924 Truus Schröder asked the famous Utrecht furniture designer Gerrit Rietveld if he would design her new home. The mother of three had just become a widow and wanted a house that would be completely in line with her own unique living ideas. She already knew Rietveld from a previous collaboration and knows that he too is averse to traditions. A perfect combination.

During the design of the house, Schröder plays an important role. She knows exactly what she wants: sobriety and living instead of being lived.


Prins Hendriklaan 50 a

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Tivoli Vredenburg

Tivoli Vredeburg is a music venue and pop venue. Almost every day there is something on the program. Interested? Check the website for the program. And combine your visit to Tivoli with a visit to the nice restaurants around it. Enjoy the best chicken in Utrecht at Kloek, or go for one of the delicious pastas at Spaghetteria or drink a beer in the oldest café in Utrecht, Café Vredenburg!

Vredeburgkade 11

+31 (0) 760 6777

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Going to the movies?

Utrecht has several cinemas/film houses. For commercial films you can go to Kinepolis or the Rembrandt cinema. For the 'arthouse' cinema, Utrecht has three film theaters: Filmtheater Slachtstraat, Filmtheater Springhaver and the Louis Hartlooper Complex.

Doing a bit of cycling?

The Netherlands is a cycling country, and Utrecht, with all its students, is truly a cycling city! Explore the city and its surroundings by bike. You can rent bikes through the hotel. We offer two types of bicycles:


  • A Gazelle Citybike with 7 gears for €12,50 per day
  • A Trek electric bicycle for €40,- per day.


If you are interested, please let us know prior to your arrival, and we will make sure the bikes are ready for you upon arrival. Of course this can also be arranged on the spot.

City walk - Take a walk!

Achter St. Pieter - Pausdam - Nieuwegracht - Sonnenborgh Sterrenwacht - Agnietenstraat - Centraal Museum - Nicolaaskerkhof - Wijde doelen - Ledig Erf - Twijnstraat - Oudegracht - Gaardbrug - Lijnmarkt - Zadelstraat - Mariaplaats - Pandhof Sinte Marie - Mariastraat - Steenweg - Lange Elizabethstraat - Vredeburg - Drieharingenstraat - Oudegracht - Ganzemarkt - Stadhuisplein - Oudkerkhof - Achter St. Pieter

Culinary arrangement

Are you staying three or more days at Hotel Beijers complete your stay with a fantastic culinary package for only €180 per person, drinks excluded.*


Go for a dinner at restaurant San Siro on Tuesday, A dinner at restaurant Maeve on Wednesday and finish it off on Thursday with a lunch at restaurant Wilhelminapark.




A dinner on Friday at restaurant San Siro , a lunch on Saturday at restaurant Maeve, and end it on Sunday with a lunch at restaurant Wilhelminapark .


*based on availability