A boutique antique hotel in a remarkable 17th-century city palace with a rich history, right in the heart of Utrecht.

Bert Degenaar is the man behind the restoration and interior design of Hotel Beijers. He is an art dealer and lover of monuments, and known for his role in Dutch TV show Van Onschatbare Waarde (‘Invaluable treasures’).

“While the former Beijers building was being transformed, it was important to me that the building would be restored to its former glory. As art dealer and lover of monuments, I put my heart and soul into its restoration and interior design. I used to ride my bike past here in my youth and it has always been special to me. The objects I have collected over the years are too exceptional to be forgotten, so they deserve pride of place in Hotel Beijers.”

– Bert Degenaar

Become part of history

Hotel Beijers is a beautiful boutique antique hotel, in a 17th century city palace with a long and rich history. Our hotel is situated in the historical city centre, in the shadows of the famous Dom tower and next to the Pieters church. Thanks to antique dealer and  monument-fanatic Bert Degenaar, the history of the building is still honoured today.

When you come stay with us, you’re embraced by a rich history and you’ll truly step into a different world. Hotel Beijers is a hotel you won’t find anywhere else. Certainly no old-fashioned ways, but a rich experience with clear links to the past. Stay with us to enjoy and be reminded of the times before we were online everywhere and always. Naturally with all the luxury and modern comforts of today.

Stay in a 17th century city palace

•  In the heart of the city, a stone’s throw from the Dom Tower
•  Guaranteed lowest rate when you book through our website
•  Personal welcome with a drink and a light bite
•  Stylish, luxurious accommodation with modern comforts
•  We provide a loyalty program to our regular guests, including upgrades and other extra’s. Please contact us for the possibilities.

Every one of them distinctive

Historical Utrecht in the shadows of the Dom tower

Utrecht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands with its very own unique character. It’s a city full of charm with its medieval city centre, beautiful canals with their characteristic wharves, churches, monuments and the iconic Dom Tower. The must-see attractions of Utrecht are endless: it’s impossible to get bored. With Utrecht at the centre of the Netherlands, it’s easy getting to other cities such as Amsterdam, which is under half an hour away.

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Enjoy the Domstad

City of the Dom Tower: the Domstad. Book now for your ultimate Utrecht experience in the heart of this beautiful city! Stay in a magnificent boutique antique hotel, located in a 17th-century city palace with a rich history.

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