Who would have thought you'd be dining in a 17th century city palace. How chique!

Presenting our favourites, these are the restaurants we can personally recommend you try out while staying at our hotel. We have tried picking different cuisines, but if you have found something else please do try. When ordering use our address: Achter Sint Pieter 140.
Tip: put “Hotel Beijers + room number” in the order notes.


In Italy a spaghetteria is a stand-alone phenomenon. A place where local chefs do nothing other than cooking fresh pasta dishes. At Spaghetteria this is no different.

Order your pastas at your new favourite pasta bar through UberEats.

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Tiger Mama

Feeling like training your chopstick skills today, and having some well flavoured Asian dishes while doing so? Tiger Mama is your pick. Instead of in their tastefully decorated restaurant, where they serve great cocktails too, they bring the food to our door.

Enjoy the best fresh sushi, snacks and sashimi every day and get them delivered to the hotel! Order now by going to Tiger Mama’s order page.

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Pizza Beppe

Pizza Beppe 4 is the first restaurant in the Netherlands to be accepted by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. It means our pizzas are prepared the authentic Neapolitan way.

We bring you pizza as pizza should be. Nothing more, and certainly nothing less. Order you pizza through UberEats


Get some SLA when you’re feeling you need to get an extra health boost. SLA offers you not only salads but also warm bowls, soups and desserts.

Pickup? Get 10% off your entire order with SLAHOME. Or get free delivery with UberEats BESTELTHUIS (till 28 October)

Poké Perfect

All right, so what is poké? Poké (pronounced poh-kay) is a Hawaiian dish, originally consisting of sushi rice, raw fish and several different toppings served in a bowl. You could basically describe it as sushi in a bowl. If you are not a fan of raw fish – don’t worry. We have plenty of other options!

Order your poké to pick up just around the corner or get it delivered.


Burgerbar maakt namelijk alleen échte hamburgers, met echt vlees, echte groente, echte broodjes en vegan opties. En alles natuurlijk knettervers! En daarbij is het natuurlijk extra lekker als je je helemaal kan laten gaan.

Bestel de overheerlijke burgers van de Burgerbar via UberEats.

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